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Dear Colleagues,

Scientific Network Pathways of pollutants and mitigation strategies of their impact on the ecosystems together with Lublin Scientific Society and Lublin University of Technology invite you to participate in Management of Indoor Air Quality workshop, to be held September 5-8, 2010, in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland. Some of you probably remember this lovely renaissance town on the bank of Vistula River.
Due to the increasing time spent indoors by many people, indoor air quality has greater impact on human health and work performance than outdoor air.
Therefore, the aim of this year's workshop is to create a forum for discussion and development of scientific potential concerning indoor air quality, chemical and biological pollutants levels, mechanisms of pollutant formation, migration from sources to indoor air, and mitigation processes (including HVAC systems, new filter technologies and low emission materials). More information you will find in the attachments: circular, registration form (MsWord format) and Guide for Authors, as we plan to publish post-conference volume containing peer-reviewed papers in Taylor&Francis, Ltd.

Looking forward to see you in Kazimierz,
Best regards

Marzenna Dudzińska
Director of Scientific Network
Lublin University of Technology

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